Learn your specific money gifts and blindspots,  
so you can create change you did not think possible
in your business, your bank account and yourself.


A 90-minute, in-depth interpretation of your unique Money Archetypal Personality

Pinpoint your money blind spots and brainstorm opportunities for empowering, your business/career, and your personal growth.  

Learn your key money gifts and strengths, and identify specific ways to play to them with confidence and clarity.

Tangible guidance on exactly how to open new portals to money flow according to your nature, so you can begin creating what matters most to you right away.

Investment: $375

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"Michelle's evaluation of my Money Archetypes was really 'spot on'!  If you are interested in understanding what lies beneath your attitudes and relationship with money, then this is your chance to excavate those secrets.  Michelle deftly supports a dialogue with self which reveals what really is going on in our inner world.  I cracked that illusory world today and know that I'm on to something life changing."   
Joyce Marthaller